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December 05, 2010 SPIK SZMA took part in the First Toshiba Overseas Partner Conference for overseas users of Toshiba controllers, held on 2-3 December 2010 in Guangzhou (China). Purpose of the conference: reinforcement of the cooperation relationship of the global parners and improvement of the competitiveness of Toshiba controller in the global market. The conference was attended by leading developers of TOSDIC CIE-DS control systems, and representative of Toshiba Corporation headquarters (Japan), Toshiba International Corporation (USA), TIC (Australia), TIC Support (UK), Toshiba China Co. (China), and GTBE (China).

September 08, 2010 Development, serial production implementation and certification according to technical regulations for fire safety requirement (Russian Federal Law 123- dated 22.07.2008) of a complex of technical equipment of fire-fighting automated control system based on SIMATIC PCS7 which is meant to create a unified integrated complex of software and hardware means of fire-fighting automated control system and industrial facility process control system as a part of SIMATIC PCS7 by Siemens AG (Germany).

July 26, 2010 JSC SPIK SZMA specialist Strukov A. V. presented his research paper "Interval estimation of reliability of complex structural systems based on binomial tests of its components" and made a report in X International Scientific School "Modelling and Analysis of Safety and Risk in Complex Systems" (MASR 2010) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 6 - 10, 2010

June 07, 2010 Toshiba specialists held another annual seminar upon automation systems in JSC SPIK SZMA office in Saint-Petersburg.
Mr. Junichi Kyushima Business Unit Manager, Toshiba (Japan), Mr. George Orchard Automation Group Manager (USA), Mr. Paul Warneck - European Manager (UK) had their reports in the seminar.
The same seminar was held for the specialists of Kirishi Oil Refinery, in Kirishi, Leningrad Region, on June 2. New integrated industrial controllers nV series and flowmeters were presented there.
Analog seminar was held for specialists of Lisichansk Oil Refinery (ZAO LINIK) at the plant territory in Lisichansk (Ukraine).

May 25, 2010 Nozik A., SPIK SZMA General Director, visited Toshiba Headquarters in Tokyo on May 6-15, 2010. The main aim of his trip was the discussion of issues upon joint business expansion in Russia and CIS relating to process automation and drive manufacturing.
During the visit there was a meeting with Toshiba TD&IS Company management where Mr. Nakata, the President of the Company, Mr. Murai, Vice President, Mr. Mori, Technical Director, Mr. Kyushima, Business Unit Manager took part in.

April 21, 2010 The contract for complete delivery of automation system for reduced fuel oil No. 2 discharge railway overpass for tanker cargo facilities in the port of Ust-Luga was signed with OAO Rosneftebunker.

April 13, 2010 Thirteenth All-Russian Scientific and Technical Conference "Actual Issues of Defense and Safety" was held in Saint-Petersburg. The conference was organized by the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Science. In session Risk analysis the senior specialist of SPIK SZMA, professor Mozhaev A. S. made his report Development and practical application experience of software "ARBITR".
There were 7 more reports at the conference which were devoted to issues on scientific development and practical application of general logic probabilistic method and technology of automated structural logic simulation which is the theoretical base of ARBITR. They revealed high scientific and practical assessment of system analysis of reliability, stability, survivability, and technical risk measures calculations for the expected damage and system efficiency.

January 11, 2010 SPIK SZMA was appointed an authorized partner for MVD sales and servicing of the leading international power electronics company - TMEIC (Japan).
TMdrive-MVG medium voltage drive is an up-to-date IGBT-based true sinewave solution. TMdrive-MVG is a further development of TMdrive-MV drives incorporating all TMdrive-MV advantages, and having extended functionality for motor control. Maximum capacity at 6.6kV rated voltage increased from 7.1 MW up to 9.3MW. A new 10-11kV typeform was developed.
TMEIC is a joint company of two leading Japanese producers of power electronics - TOSHIBA and MITSUBISHI-ELECTRIC, manufacturing a wide range of medium voltage drives.
As an authorized TMEIC partner, SPIK SZMA will provide supplies, installation, commissioning, start-up, servicing and technical support of TMEIC equipment. SPIK SZMA has already supplied two MVDs and MV motors for main fans of Vorgoshorskaya mines.
New authorities will allow SPIK SZMA to fully satisfy the customers' needs.


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