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November 30, 2012 Federal service for intellectual property (ROSPATENT) has made a decision on a grant of patent for an invention Multipulse rectifying unit and transformer to the company. The authors of the invention are company employees A. A. Nozik, A. S. Sazonov, D. Yu. Lebedev.

October 8, 2012 The second string of Nord Stream pipeline with a transport capacity of 27.5 bcm a year which is a part of the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia, was officially put into operation (Gazprom press release).
SPIK SZMA provided commissioning and start-up work for the control system of the Gas Compressor Station in Vyborg under the contract with Siemens AG.

June 29, 2012 Three day training on sales and service of Toshiba (Japan) adjustable speed drives was held at SPIK SZMA assembly facility. Specialists from Toshiba Manufacturing Department and Promotion Center presented the information about Japanese ASD product line, application and service.

Official status of Toshiba CIS LLCdistributor gave SPIK SZMA an opportunity to extend Toshiba ASD product line on Russian and CIS market. During the training new ASD models were used and trainees received answers to their questions from Toshiba representatives.

SPIK SZMA service center with long experience in service and maintenance of ASD produced by Toshiba International Corporation (USA) has now also the right to repair ASD produced by Toshiba (Japan).

June 13, 2012 Software and hardware for experimental investigations of information safety in automated control systems was developed and tested. The complex is implemented on Simatic PSC7 by Siemens AG (Germany) and is programmed for hydrogen compressor control system realized in process units of hazardous facilities (oil refinery plants, etc.) The complex has been shipped to the customer.

April 27, 2012 JS SPIK SZMA senior specialist Mozhaev A.S., Doctor of Engineering, professor, will make a report Theory and Practice of Automated Reliability and Safety Simulation in Complex Structural Systems at II International Research and Practice Conference Control and Automation in Oil and Gas Industry (May 30th June 1st, 2012).

April 17, 2012 According to the contract with Siemens our specialists are perrforming start-up and commissioning of Nord Stream automated control system. Gas transportation will be stopped for two week in order to complete the services.
Nord Stream press-release (rus).

April 13, 2012 Federal Service for Intellectual Property certified JSC SPIK SZMAs intellectual property rights for Delta-SI software for automated accounting of measuring instrumentation for metrological services.

March 05, 2012 SPIK SZMA signed a contract with Siemens AG (Germany) for commissioning of the automated control system of the Gas Compressor Station Nord Stream, for the second gas piping line.

Fedruary 24, 2012 On February 14-16, 2012, SPIK SZMA held training on ARBITER software operation for personnel of the Central Plant Laboratory which is a Scientific Center of Mayak Production Association (city of Ozersk, Chelyabinsk Region).
Mayak Production Association is a nuclear plant of Russia. In 2011, it purchased two ARBITER licenses. It is the thirteenth company which is successfully using the ARBITER software.

January 16, 2012 SPIK SZMA won the tender for design engineering, complete delivery, installation, start-up & commissioning of electrotechnical equipment at JV Vorkutinskaya Mine (Vorkuta) fan facility Centrifugal Fan-42,5 of ventilation shaft No. 1. All the works will be on turnkey basis.
Variable speed drive system for fan motors and fan facility Centrifugal Fan-42,5 control system will be implemented. The electrotechnical equipment is the following:

  • TMdrive-MV variable speed drive system by TMEIC (Japan);
  • Fan motors (squirrel-cage induction motors);
  • Switchgears 6kV, complete transformer substations 0,4 kV with dry type power transformers 6/0,4kV, control station panelt 0,4 kV with protection start-up instrumentation of supporting drive equipment;
  • Hardware and software on control instrumentation system by Toshiba (Japan);
  • Field control instrumentation, local control panels, UPS, etc.

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