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December 16, 2013 SPIK SZMA has successfully passed an audit performed by Siemens (Germany) within the context of Siemens Solution Partner Project. The aim of the audit was to check whether engineering services of the company (amount and quality of project realized, qualification and experience of specialists, volume of equipment purchased, etc) can conform to the classification upon Siemens Solution Partner Program. According to the results of the audit SPIK SZMA was qualified as certified Specialist of Solution Partner Program.

SPIK SZMA is the first certified Specialist of Solution Partner Program in north-west region of Russian and the seventh in Russia.

October 25, 2013 TOSHIBA Adjustable Speed Drives seminar was held at SPIK SZMA Assembly Facility.

Toshiba International Corporation (TIC, Houston), Toshiba CIS (Moscow), SPIK SZMA representatives made the following reports:

  • Toshiba Industrial Equipment Review;
  • G9, 9, P9, Q9 Series Adjustable Speed Drives;
  • Switchboards on the base of 9 Series Adjustable Speed Drives;
  • W7, GX7/HX7, Plus Pack Adjustable Speed Drives;
  • SCD switchboards (manufactured by SPIK SZMA);
  • Drives influence on the utility and harmonics solutions.

The specialists of the following companies took part in the seminar: VM Techniks (Moscow, crane design and manufacturing), KB TyazhMash SPb (machinery industry), Akron (V. Novgorod, fertilizers manufacturing), Neftekhimproekt (equipment for chemical and related industries), KINEF (oil refinery factory), Transport Systems Centre (manufacturing and delivery of mine belt conveyors and conveyor systems), NWEC Elektromashina (electromachines repair and maintenance), etc.
While listening to the reports, the participants of the seminar have a possibility to look at equipment, to talk to its developers and specialists.

July 4, 2013 JSC SPIK SZMA took part in VI International Maritime Defense Show-2013. The International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS) is one of the largest events in the weapons and new technologies field. In 2013 it attracted 330 companies from 25 countries of the world.

Within the framework of the IMDS-2013, the Second International Science-Practical Conference "Simulation and complex modelling in marine engineering and marine transporting systems" was held. This conference is devoted to both analysis of up-to-date status and perspectives of simulation modeling and to expertise of its application in software products. SPIK SZMA specialists delivered two reports: "Application software ARBITER for a particular purpose of automated analysis of reliability of ship of nuclear power plants" and "Scenario Logical and probabilistics modeling of a dangerous situation with using the software "ARBITER".

July 1, 2013 Within the scope of supply of ARBITER software, SPIK SZMA held a training workshop for Bauman Moscow State Technical University. ARBITER software is applied by the University for educational purposes while making R&D and postgraduate work.

June 25, 2013 A contract with Dipl.-Ing. SCHERZER GmbH for commissioning and start up works of the Light Oils Tank-Wagon ON-SPOT Loading Station at Kirishi Oil Refinery was signed. The scope of work covers SIMATIC PCS7 software, the redundant controller S7-400H, engineering station and operator workstations. Besides, SPIK SZMA will provide monitoring and further software application modifications.

May 20-24, 2013 Management and specialists of SPIK SZMA, Toshiba International Corporation (Houston) and Toshiba CIC LLC (Moscow) had a meeting at companys assembly facility. The main point was focused on the issues upon action planning and coordination on the further cooperation of the companies related to the joint manufacturing of VSD for operation in extreme conditions at the facility in St. Petersburg as well as on TOSHIBA electrotechnical production promotion in the Russian market.

May 20, 2013 A new agreement with JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery for complete delivery of instrumentation and control systems, automated control and protection system of -301, -302, -211, -211&-303, -304 compressors, commissioning and start-up as well as project updating for -6 No. 2 was signed.

April 4, 2013 SPIK SZMA won the tender for turn-key delivery of the compressor control and safety system PK-301, 302, 303, 304, and K211A/B for the Gas Compressor Plant LK-6U of JSC Mozyr Oil Refinery.

February 25, 2013 SPIK SZMA completed development of automation and power supply project and working documentation for the control system of JV Vorkutinskaya Mines fan facility - Centrifugal Fan-42.5 of ventilation shaft No.1 (JSC Vorkutaugol)(General project designer is JV Institute PechorNIIproekt).
The fan facility control system is based on Toshiba TOSDIC-CIE measurement and control system and Toshiba V2000 PLCs.
TMEICs TMdrive-MVG medium voltage variable speed drive is used for fan motor control.
More details about the Project.

February 14, 2013 The automated process control system(ACS) for dark-oil products blending tank farm PST-2 for Kirishi Oil Refinery was designed and manufactured. It was engineered as a hierarchical 2-level DCS based on Siemens SIMATIC PCS-7 software and hardware to replace the existing Valcom information & control system. ACS purpose is to ensure centralized control of preparatory processes at dark-oil products blending tank farm (PST-2), in particular, producing various brands of fuel oil and marine fuel.
After successful completion of factory tests at SPIK SZMA Assembly Facility, the system was shipped to the client.

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