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SPIK SZMA: TOSHIBA electrical equipment will assembled in Saint-Petersburg

The project of the First Russian Assembly facility for TOSHIBA custom drives and control systems was presented at the seminar "Toshiba Social Infrastructure" held for Toshiba Corporations 130th anniversary. The seminar was held on December 9th, 2005 in Moscow at the Radisson SAS Slavanskaya Hotel.

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Toshiba International Corporation (USA) is a leading global division of TOSHIBAS Industrial and Power Systems & Services Company (IPS). The President of TIC, Mr. R. Nakata, formally declared that the new TOSMA project has been brought to fruition in partnership with SPIK SZMA (Saint-Petersburg).

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The General Director of SPIK SZMA, Mr. Alexander Nozik in the presentation of the TOSMA project said, Transferring manufacturing of TOSHIBA electrical equipment to Russia along with using Russian engineering resources will help reduce costs and time to deliver, as well as fully complying with the Customers requirements.

At completion of the first stage of the project, in 2006, control systems and variable torque drives (200-1000 KVA) will be assembled for general purpose applications in mining, metallurgical, pulp-and-paper, power energy, oil-refining, machine building, pipelines transportation industries, and residential utilities. The manufacturing facility will further incorporate certified service and training centers.

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The project of the joint venture assembly facility TOSMA was started in May, 2005. The manufacturing facility will be ready by the end of the 1st Qtr. 2006.

SPIK SZMA_Toshiba_Representatives of the company

TIC and SPIK SZMA have a long-term partnership and friendly cooperation for project design, manufacturing and implementation of process control systems for oil refineries within CIS.

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