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SPIK SZMA Has Been Appointed A New SIEMENSТ Solution Partner


SPIK SZMA (St.Petersburg, Russia) was appointed an official Solution Partner of Siemens, the leading automation company.

For many years SPIK SZMA has been a competent and reliable business partner of SIEMENS A&D for control systems, providing services for project designing and deploying Simatic and PCS7-based control systems. SPIK SZMAТs personnel take advantages of official technical support offered by SIEMENS Representative Office in Russia and SIEMENS AG headquarters.

In 2010, long-term cooperation resulted in SPIK SZMA becoming a participant of SIEMENS Solution Partner Program (SIEMENS partners for process solution development) established for certified high-skilled system integrators offering specialized solutions which cover future client needs and are based on SIEMENS A&G products and systems. Close cooperation during the program operation, SPIK SZMAТs personnel training, certification and active know-how exchange enable to improve all project development processes Ц all the way from packaged products to completed customized solution development.

All Solution Partners have undergone training on SIEMENS products and services, are highly competent and experienced in process and industry-specific solutions. This appointment confirms high professionalism of SPIK SZMAТs staff in automation and SIEMENS A&D products-based solution development.


Siemens Solution Partner are system integrators and companies with vast process and technology experience and knowledge. They develop customized solutions to cover future client needs which are based on the globally known products of Siemens Automation and Drives.

Siemens Automation and Drives Group Ц SIEMENS Department specialized in solution development for industrial and manufacturing companies, industrial products/systems and electrical equipment.

SPIK SZMA is an engineering company offering the whole range of engineering services in process and enterprise automation (instrumentation, control systems) for petrochemical, oil refining, heat power, chemical, pulp-and-paper industry, etc.

BIRZHA Business Center, 26th line of Vasilievsky Island 15/2, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation, 199026
Tel.: (812) 6107879; Fax: (812) 6107879.
E-mail: info@szma.com
Internet: www.szma.com


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