Our History — On October 1, 1961 the USSR Minmontagespetsstroj created a multi disciplined organization called The Leningrad Specialized Trest Sevzapmontageautomatica. The trest’s divisions for commissioning and start-up became known as SPIK SZMA. Since that time SPIK SZMA specialists have continually provided commissioning and start-up services for all major projects in the Russia’s North-West, Belarus Republic, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

By the early 70s nearly 80% of SPIK SZMA’s services were focused on site and plant automation in industries such as:

  • oil refining ;
  • petrochemical;
  • chemical;
  • metallurgy;
  • power;
  • pulp-and-paper.

SPIK SZMA has also provided considerable building electrical, security and HVAC systems services in many cities of the former USSR (Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Vilnus, Minsk, Riga, and Tallin). SPIK SZMA specialists have also provided commissioning & start-up services in foreign countries (Iran, Iraq, Cuba, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, etc.).

With ever increasing scope, complexity and quality requirements, coupled with the level of technical proficiency required to implement state of the art systems, SPIK SZMA saw the need to expand and optimize its structure and processes. The following divisions were created: project group, computer center to develop automation system software, pilot manufacturing, and metrology.

To meet the training requirements of our expanding work force, SPIK SZMA developed a training program in conjunction with the local Saint-Petersburg technological university, LTI Lensoveta. SPIK SZMA’s master specialists initially provided classroom training for engineers and technicians at LTI Lensoveta. Graduates then served an internship at SPIK SZMA under the tutelage of SPIK SZMA’s master specialists. Many of these graduates continue to work for SPIK SZMA today.

SPIK SZMA’s intellectual assets consist of more than 50 patented technical solutions, dozens of manuals, textbooks, books and regulative and standards materials, several of which remain valid today.

Thanks to our intellectual capital, experience and technical capability, in 1991 we started a new chapter in our corporate history, we moved away from the trest and became a juridical entity.

In 1996 we established the brand name — SPIK SZMA.

Over the last 5 years SPIK SZMA’s business has increased by more than 20 times and our staff has tripled. We have continually increased our scope of supply, our technical capability and our overall quality. SPIK SZMA’s human capital is represented by 2 Masters of Science, 6 Ph.D. and 112 graduated specialists. Most specialists have been trained and certified in leading international companies.

SPIK SZMA is proud to affirm that some SPIK SZMA specialists have worked here from the very moment of our foundation. We could say the same about our Customers: some of them have been our Clients for 30 years.