Assembly Facility TOSMA (St.Petersburg)

Assembly Facility is located in St.Petersburg (production area – 1600 sq.m., engineering center – 800 sq.m.)

Main products:

• Toshiba custom Adjustable speed drives 200-1200 kVA

SPIK SZMA’s assembly facility is the first Russian assembling facility under Toshiba license. Variable speed drives are based on Toshiba components and in accordance with the Licensed Agreement between manufactured Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) and JSC SPIK SZMA. Objectives:

  • Reduction of cost to the customer through localization of TOSHIBA power products;
  • Application of Russian engineering intellectual capital for the manufacturing of high quality localized products;
  • Process solutions for various industries:• Oil & Gas production
    • Mining
    • Metallurgical
    • Pulp-and-paper
    • Power energy
    • Common Utilities
    • Oil-refining and Petrochemical
    • Pipeline transportation
    • Chemical
    • Housing and Utility Sector

    Improved customer service:
    • Creation of a local TOSHIBA products service center
    • Creation of a local staff training center

    Activities within TOSMA project:

    • Engineering
    • Assembling
    • Integration
    • FAT
    • Commissioning and implementation
    • Training Center
    • TOSHIBA products Service Center.

    The product quality is supported by:

    • Joint project designing and development of products
    • Assembly technique modeled after TIC USA
    • Staff training at TIC manufacturing facility
    • Approved testing procedures, including custom testing
    • TIC Power Units and primary components
    • Quality control at all production stages.

SPIK SZMA is a Systems Integrator supplying sales, engineering, maintenance, and training services for Toshiba automation systems within Russia and CIS.

Toshiba International Corporation Certificates. 

For our Customers we’ve launched the website related to licensed production of Toshiba drive packages and control systems as well as LV and HV drives and other power equipment sales.

Contact information

Tel: (812) 647-03-87 Fax: (812) 647-03-86